We systematically analyzed the entire value chain of Cultivated Meat. With the goal of scalable production, we identified key limitation factors which we approach differently …

To make the production of Cultivated Meat feasible, the greatest challenge remains to achieve price parity. The Cultivated B strives to provide affordable, pioneering technology, which enables the alternative protein companies and agritechnology markets to produce at industrial scale.


Cultivated Meat production requires cell lines with optimal proliferation and differentiation properties.

The Cultivated B offers a wide range of stable, on-demand immortalized (GMO and GMO-free) cell lines (muscle, connective tissue, organs, …) from a variety of mammalian and avian animals including pig, cow, sheep, chicken, turkey, duck, and quail.


We are developing optimal, serum-free growth and differentiation media for scalable production of Cultivated Meat along the seed train.

Our approach is based on quality-by-design and thereby enables us to provide products with highest food safety standards and compliant with animal welfare principles.