Cutting-edge biotechnology for scalable and sustainable protein production

We solve key challenges of scalable alternative protein production and provide our solutions as physical goods or licensable know-how to multiple industries.


Humanity is facing global challenges as key resources are diminishing.


Difficulties in industrial scalability, reaching price parity for high quality and high yields of proteins.


The Cultivated B unlocks the full potential of biotechnology by taking it from the laboratory environment to industrial commodities.

While on the surface industries and their needs may look different …


Demand for alternative proteins, improved animal welfare, sustainability and efficiency at scale.


Explore naturally sourced ingredients, overcome limiting factors, high yield and cost-effectiveness.

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Animal free & vegan products, high-value materials for the conscious consumer, effectiveness and efficiency.

… our biotechnological approaches serve all these sectors efficiently.

We adjust based on the specific demand of your industry.

Our products

We provide highly innovative and science-driven biotechnology and bioengineering for the cellular agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries. For sales inquiries, please contact our sales team.

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News and press releases

The Cultivated B Launches Next-Gen Bioreactor Remote Monitoring and Control Software

Heidelberg, Germany, Nov. 30, 2023 – The Cultivated B (TCB) today announced the availability of its groundbreaking bioreactor control software, enabling a real-time, application-based, personalized user interface with added remote accessibility for its AUXO V® bioreactors.

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