About us

We systematically solve the technological challenges facing the entire field of cellular agriculture and precision fermentation

We are a multinational company dedicated to the development and application of breakthrough technologies in cellular agriculture, precision fermentation and bioreactor engineering to enable scalable commercialization of the cellular agriculture industry.

TCB’s fundamental commitment to minimizing the natural resources used paves the way towards a sustainable future, locally, regionally and globally.

TCB’s R&D team is based in Germany. PreFer Industries and n!Biomachines, based in Canada, are subsidiaries of TCB.

Our group

The Cultivated B and its subsidiaries offer a unique portfolio of products and integrated solutions for different application fields and industries (food, supplements/ nutraceuticals, pharma, cosmetics, etc.):

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The Cultivated B’s goal is to unlock the potential of biotechnology and transform the food/beverage industry by converging technologies. Our research and development center is located in Heidelberg, home to its venerable university and numerous renowned research institutions.

Our laboratories follow the highest standards of scientific practice and safety and provide a unique opportunity to conduct convergent research, from ideas to final products. In addition, our employees enjoy an intellectually attractive environment that combines professional excellence with healthy work-life balance.

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Located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada), n!Biomachines develops and manufactures fit-for-purpose bioreactor systems for next generation of bioprocessing. n!Biomachines benchtop, pilot- and industrial-scale bioprocessing systems ensure high-quality, safe and efficient operations.

Unlike traditional bioreactors designed primarily for the pharmaceutical industry, n!Biomachines delivers affordable, easy-to-operate systems for the food, supplement and cosmetics industries. By overcoming industry growth barriers, n!Biomachines aims to revolutionize cell-based manufacturing and facilitate the adoption of cellular agriculture technologies sustainably and efficiently.

At PreFer Industries, we develop and provide the technology to produce smart ingredients and high-quality formulations for various industries. From naturally sourced ingredients to components with optimized functionalities, we provide a multitude of sustainable solutions.

This enables our customers to meet consumers’ needs, not only in the food industry but in pharma, cosmetic and personal care industries as well.

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Our partners

Together with our international network of strategic partners, we are shaping the cellular agriculture industry and drive economic development forward within this field.