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We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and business developers

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„Human´s greatest asset is the unsettled mind“

(Inspired by Isaac Asimov)

We are a multinational team of Bioneers and embrace our diversity.

Why Bioneers? – A pioneering attitude towards bioengineering makes us a unique team. We work free of dogmatism, in an interdisciplinary environment with a flat scientific hierarchy to promote the convergence of creative ideas into real concepts.

We identify ourselves by our capability to change perspectives, by authenticity and by our passion for innovation and technology. This is facilitated by our entrepreneurial spirit and systems thinking.

The Cultivated B has been honored as the “2024 Employer of the Future” (“Arbeitgeber der Zukunft”) by the German Institute for Innovation in Sustainability and Digitalization (DIIND).
This recognition reflects our commitment to fostering innovation, sustainability, and a forward-thinking workplace culture. We are proud to be acknowledged for our dedication to creating an environment that embraces the future of work.

We are constantly growing and looking for exceptional talents that share our passion for innovation, technology and strategic entrepreneurship.

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