The Payments Canada SUMMIT in Toronto

Looking forward to The Payments Canada SUMMIT in Toronto where TCB has been invited by BMO, one of the event’s lead sponsors. Meet our CEO Dr. Hamid Noori as an expert speaker at the following informative session: “Cross-Border Banking: Setting Your Business up for Successful Cross-Border Operations”

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PreFer Industries Logo

PreFer Industries leaves stealth mode!

We proudly announce leaving stealth mode with our subsidiary PreFer Industries! Alongside TCB Canada and the innovation hub, our Canadian facility will house PreFer Industries, a subsidiary of The Cultivated B, which focuses on the development of alternative, particularly plant-based protein sources, through precision fermentation.

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TCB Control

Bioreactors for the factory floor

“We are taking a complicated specialist technology and transforming it into a system that can be used by anyone.” Go to Nature today and read about our bioreactors for the factory floor. For multiple industries this significant technology is currently facing challenges of scaling up and a capacity crunch at the same time.

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TCB Manufacturing Facility in Canada

TCB in the Halton Region annual economic review 2022

This week Halton Region published their annual economic review 2022 and highlighted The Cultivated B. As one of the key investments in the region with around $50 million, we are excited to shape the local economy and drive the cellular agriculture industry onward.

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Scientist in the lab

TCB and InFamily Foods about pioneering technology

Our interview with the leading German newspaper in the food sector, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”: Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, co-owner of InFamily Foods Holding and Dr. Hamid Noori, CEO of The Cultivated B (TCB), discuss TCB’s vision and current capabilities to shape the landscape of cellular agriculture.

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Open Innovation Kongress Baden-Württemberg 2023

TCB at the Open Innovation Kongress Baden-Württemberg 2023

The Cultivated B was part of this year’s Open Innovation Kongress Baden-Württemberg 2023 in Stuttgart. As part of Forum 1 “Cross Industry Innovation; Alternative Proteins – Cultured Meat, plant-based proteins and beyond” our CEO Dr. Hamid Noori participated in a very interesting panel discussion across sectors.

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